Reasons To Seal Coat Asphalt – Protect Your Driveway!

seal coatingAsphalt is commonly used for paving roads, driveways, parking lots, and other areas and seal coating asphalt is an important part of asphalt maintenance.

While asphalt is a wonderful material that covers an area with a smooth, sleek surface, it can easily erode if not protected. The best way to protect asphalt and extend its lifespan is to cover it with a seal coating.

Reasons To Seal Coat Asphalt
Asphalt actually consists of many different filler materials, including sand and gravel. Various outside factors including exposure to UV rays, salt, and chemicals causes the asphalt pavement to break down and erode rather quickly. This results in the sand and gravel coming lose from the asphalt mixture and can cause unsightly problems. Coating asphalt will seal it and provide a protective barrier from the outside elements that can cause it to erode. This plays a big role in extending the lifespan of the asphalt. This coating should ideally be done before the asphalt has suffered any damage.

Cost Efficient
While of course it does cost initially, coating the asphalt can save a lot of money in the long run. The asphalt should be coated every few years in order to maintain its level of protection. If it were left untreated, the asphalt would have to be entirely replaced much more frequently. Total replacement is a large expense, a big time commitment, and can be a major disruption on main roads or throughways. Coating the asphalt with a sealant takes much less time and is far less disruptive.

Chemical Protection
Asphalt sealant will also protect the road from chemicals such as oil or gasoline. Gasoline is especially harmful to asphalt because they are both made from petroleum. This similarity means that gas can easily dissolve the asphalt, weakening its structure. The seal coating acts as a barrier so that gasoline won’t come in direct contact with the asphalt.

UV Protection
Seal coating is also helpful in protecting asphalt from the constant barrage of UV radiation. Areas that are exposed to sunlight many hours each day can become weak and start to loosen or break apart. As the asphalt breaks apart you may start to see sand and the pavement will become very rough. Cracks form and allow water to seep into the base layers of the asphalt, and dirt and grass can start to grow in the middle, causing an unsightly mess. All of this requires major repair work or a complete replacement, which is why protecting the area with a seal coat that will withstand the sun’s UV rays is so important.

Freezing Protection
Just as it guards against the sun’s harmful rays, asphalt sealant also protects against the bitter cold. As the ground is subjected to frequent freeze-thaw cycles, the asphalt can expand and contract, causing cracks to form. Coating the top of the asphalt with a sealant will help protect it from harsh temperatures and prevent cracks from forming.

Asphalt sealant is crucial for protecting the asphalt and extending its lifespan. Additionally, when applied it looks brand new and can hide patches, small cracks, or other imperfections that may be present in the road or driveway. Seal coating asphalt saves money in the long run and leaves roads and pavement strong and better able to handle daily wear and tear.

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